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Trizetto Provider Solutions is reporting delays in processing remits (ERAs) from payers due to the volume of files received during the scheduled downtime last weekend while they moved their data center. These files are processing now but it may take a few days before all of them are available for downloading into ProviderSuite. This is for remits dated 3/15/19 to current.
United Healthcare and certain other payers who route their remits (ERAs) throught the Optum Payer network are delayed in sending remits to TriZetto. The United Healthcare technical team is working on the issue.
Did you know that PracticeAdmin offers credentialing services in partnership with TriZetto Provider Solutions? Whether a practice needs to be credentialed for the first time or needs re-credentialing assistance, you can trust TriZetto's experienced team to gather, validate, and confirm each piece of critical data in the credentialing process. For assistance with this ProviderSuite feature, please contact product support at 844-269-4780, option 1.
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